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DS Stations
So far European equipment and technology suppliers have dominated the market of engineering, construction and erection of DS stations in India. To provide a cost effective solution, JAMIPOL, in conjunction with a construction partner has started taking turnkey jobs for engineering & construction of mono injection DS station for mini steel plants. First such DS station has been commissioned in May 2007 at a substantially lower cost than expected, compared to foreign suppliers.

With the development of vendors and the experience gained in the field, JAMIPOL intends to take more turnkey jobs in future for DS stations suitable for mini steel plants.

Process Optimization
With hands on experience in DS station operations, data bank and statistical analysis, capability to analyse real time operation data, JAMIPOL has been giving services to existing customers to optimize their DS operations. This has helped customers to reduce cost by optimizing efficiency of DS consumables. The service is backed by capability to tailor make DCs for every end use.

Engineering Consultancy
Operation in the DS station need extensive safety arrangements as consumables, both carbide and magnesium based DCs, are hazardous in nature. Similar safety arrangements are needed for production of CADs in JAMIPOL units. Backed by knowledge of safe operations, instrumentation and maintenance, JAMIPOL gives engineering consultancy to its potential customers, who are in the process of setting-up DS stations. JAMIPOL helps its potential customers in selection of technology for DS stations, relocating/refurbishing of old DS stations and advises in re-engineering of such units.