Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Management of Business Ethics
At JAMIPOL, our directors, officers, executives, managers and supervisors strive as ethical leaders to create and maintain a culture of integrity and compliance in all business activities, in all places, and at all times. We view our standing as an ethical company as a critical asset whose value is to be exploited and which is to be protected as any other.

In our company, we strive for high integrity and high performance inseparably, and we believe that the achievement of either without the other is undesirable and unacceptable. As colleagues of JAMIPOL at all locations, day-in and day-out we’re intent on fusing together an integrity and performance culture that allows all of our important customers, partners, employee and stakeholders to be proud of their association with us and rewarded for the trust they extend us.

Knowing that integrity matters at JAMIPOL — that, indeed, we care as much about how we achieve as what we achieve — is reassuring to these key constituents. Our customers and partners can take comfort knowing that in the high-integrity corporate culture we demand, ethical misconduct is less likely to occur and more likely to be reported if it does. Therefore, each day, we work hard to sustain for JAMIPOL employees a culture that unites us all around common, well-understood corporate values. And when companies focus on culture as a competitive advantage, stakeholders are known to benefit, too.

JAMIPOL is truly committed to performance with integrity. We’re focused on values and culture for the many benefits these are thought to deliver.

R Santoshi
(Ethics Counsellor)

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