JAMIPOL manufactures carbide based (CADs) and carbide & magnesium based DCs (CAMs). It also supplies magnesium based DCs (MAGs). The products are tailor made for specific customer requirement with varying degree of calcium carbide, magnesium, lime, volatiles, slag conditioners and other additives depending upon the requirement.


  • CADs – These are calcium carbide based De-sulphurising compounds generally used in mono injection stations or used in combination with MAGs in co-injection/multi injection stations. Some of the standard products made under licence from SKW are given below :
  • CAD 67 : Carbide content of 67%, was the most commonly used DC for mono-injection in recent past.
  • CAD 9 : Carbide content of 52%, is the latest and most commonly used DC introduced by SKW for mono-injection.
  • CAD 9 F3 : This is basically CAD9 with a certain addition of slag conditioner to decrease the iron losses in slag.
  • CAD C : Specially designed with very high content of Carbide of the order of 70% for co-injection alongwith Magnesium.
  • CAD C F3 : The modified CAD C containing slag conditioner to improve the slag separation characteristics and decrease iron losses.
  • CAD 16 : Specially designed CAD with addition of CaSi suitable for both mono and co injections with reduced specific consumption.
  • JCADF3 : De-sulphurising compound for Induction Furnace
  • MAGs - These are magnesium based de-sulphurising compounds generally used in conjunction with CAD in co-injection/multi injection stations. Given below are some of the standard products made available to customers.
  • MAG97 : This is 97% magnesium power of 99.97% purity with a inertisation coating to provide for extra safety.
  • MAG 90C : These DCs have varying degree of CADs upto 10% mixed with MAG 97. These products help in reducing cost of MAGs in the case of DS stations that cannot optimize usage of Mag 97 due to process constraints.
  • CAMs - These are predominantly Carbide based compounds with small additions of Magnesium to improve the desulphurising efficiency and time; particularly designed for mono injection and low temperature hot metal. Although more expensive than CADs, CAMs offer overall economy.
  • CAM-5, CAM-10, CAM-15 & CAM-20 These products have increasing percentage of Magnesium starting from 5% to 20% . With higher percentage of Magnesium, there is considerable reduction in desulphurising time.
  • SPEED LIME : Fluidised lime for external hot metal desulphurisation.


  • JDEP-I : Dephosphorising compounds for Induction Furnace operation


  • JFLUD : Effective slag fludizer


  • JDOX : Effective de-oxidizer