Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Practices

JAMIPOL is committed to discharge its responsibilities as a responsible corporate citizen and in pursuit of the same has taken several conscious measures to initiate the improvement of the society on an ongoing basis.

Through our proactive participation towards education, health and safety, women empowerment and employment, we aim for the betterment of society and people around us and look forward to help the underprivileged earn a sustainable livelihood.

JAMIPOL identifies its key communities and undertakes practices as a corporate citizen to support and strengthen such groups in order to bring harmony between people and industry. The organization identifies key communities keeping in mind the proximity to our plant locations and places where our own employees reside. The focus is on lower income group with particular preference for women and children.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

JAMIPOL, as a corporate entity, believes that supporting our stakeholders and communities is a fundamental principle of our Corporate Social Responsibility and the strength behind our sustainability. The Company commits to exercise its responsibilities for the historically disadvantaged communities as a good Corporate. In pursuit of the same it attempts to take several conscious measures to initiate the improvement of the society on an ongoing basis.

JAMIPOL as an organization aims to put all our efforts to actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate and help to build a better, sustainable way of life for the underprivileged sections of society.

Geographies and target communities on focus

The geographical focus of the company's CSR activities will be the areas where we have a significant presence. Currently, we would concentrate our activities primarily within 250 - 300 kms of our existing plants in operation at Jamshedpur and Toranagallu where we can reach in an hour. We would also focus for the upcoming plants at Kalinganagar and any other area of our operations. The specific locations will be determined at the beginning of each year. While we will ensure that all communities benefit from our CSR activities, we would focus on those groups that are socially and economically marginalised. These would include women, girl children, scheduled castes and tribes.

CSR Focus Areas

JAMIPOL's CSR initiatives (Skills, Water, Governance, Education / Building Entrepreneurship/ Incubation) will focus on four key areas - Education, Health and Awareness, Livelihoods and Employability and Social Projects. Besides, it will also undertake Interventions in the areas of disaster relief, environment etc. towards improving the quality of life of the communities.

Apart from the above, the Company has been making significant contribution towards national cause in our states of operation and neighbouring states, science and technical communities in the state and sporting activities in the state.

The Senior Leaders contribute to the CSR program by prioritizing areas of involvement, finalizing LT & ST Strategy, allocating resources and encouraging the workforce to participate in the CSR activities Employees, including Sr. leadership team and their family members actively participate and render their services to the communities identified by the Company.