Investor Relations

Shareholder Information

1) List of Shareholders whose shares transferred to IEPF Authority:

  • Mr. Ramendu Chakravorty

For any clarifications / assistance on the above, please contact Mr. T B Srikkanth, Company Secretary.

2) JAMIPOL has obtained its ISIN Number for the Equity Shares of the company. Shareholders wishing todematerialize their shares may contact their Depository Participant through which they are operating their D-Mat A/c or contact the Investor Relation Officer of JAMIPOL for further details. The ISIN Number of JAMIPOL is INE900Y01013

3) In case of any changes in Shareholder Details or shareholder wishes to update details like Contact No. Communication Address, Bank Details please fill in the “Know Your Shareholder” form and submit the same.

Know Your Shareholder Form :