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Corporate Social Responsibility

JAMIPOL is committed to discharge its responsibilities as a responsible corporate citizen and in pursuit of the same has taken several conscious measures to initiate the improvement of the society on an ongoing basis.

Commitment towards Safety

JAMIPOL aspires to make a safe work place for all its employees and other interested parties across the organisation by creating and deploying all measures including Safety, Health & Environment policies and principles.


JAMIPOL to cater 50% of steel produced in India and generate 25% revenue from new products and services.


Create Value through innovative solutions to meet customers’ changing requirements by becoming “Technology Leader” through extensive R&D to achieve sustainable growth.


JAMIPOL manufactures carbide based (CADs) and carbide & magnesium based DCs (CAMs). It also supplies magnesium based DCs (MAGs). The products are tailor made for specific customer requirement with varying degree of calcium carbide, magnesium, lime, volatiles, slag conditioners and other additives depending upon the requirement.